The 2019-20 version of the Philadelphia 76ers is in the books as they finished up an overall disappointing season by being swept by the Boston Celtics on Sunday. This now brings up a lot of questions as there will inevitably be changes in this upcoming offseason.

At the forefront is coach Brett Brown who has been coach of the Sixers for seven seasons now and after years of the process, he got the team back into the playoffs. However, they have not been able to have any success and there is a high possibility that he could be fired within the coming days. That’s just life as a coach in the NBA.

Joel Embiid has been coached by Brown his entire career and Brown has stuck by him no matter what was going on off the floor. This is a thought that will always stick with the big fella moving forward no matter the decision made.

“Great guy. He’s an even better person than a coach,” said Embiid. “He cares about his players. He cares about people that work with him. It’s beyond basketball. No matter what happens, I trust management, like I said, he’s going to be a great friend. No matter what.”