Even with no NBA basketball for a couple of months, the Philadelphia 76ers continued to flood the news in the sporting world because of all the Ben Simmons shenanigans. There have been negative progress with the relationship between Simmons, his teammates, and the 76ers franchise. Currently, Simmons has approached the team and admitted that he is going through mental health struggles which prevents from playing in the games of the 76ers. This will, unfortunately, result in guys like Joel Embiid facing a lot of questions about the situation.

The Sixers have told the media that they will have doctors to check on the condition of Simmons. Tobias Harris and Joel Embiid have expressed their desire to accept Simmons to the team once again as their brother despite the stubbornness and unwillingness of Simmons to suit up and play again for the 76ers. The relationship seems unfixable, but they must still deal with an unpleasant player until they deal him to another franchise.

76ers general manager Daryl Morey is willing to through the rough stretches of being patient and waiting for a disgruntled superstar he could acquire in exchange for Simmons. He is not willing to execute a swap that wherein he will acquire several role players of a couple of draft picks. With that in mind, Simmons currently takes an empty spot in the 76ers roster as they are having trouble finding a replace to his contribution on both sides of the court.