JJ Redick released his first podcast Wednesday morning on The Ringer network and had a very special guest. Redick sat down with his new teammate Joel Embiid to talk about his social media exploits, what first got him into basketball eight years ago when he first realized he was really good, and how much fun he’s having playing basketball. Perhaps Redick’s best accomplishment on his first pod was getting Embiid to admit to being a social media troll. “Fans do it to us, so why not?,” Embiid said. “I feel like I can troll too, so I’m going to do it.” A lot of the conversation focused around Embiid’s progression from a young kid in Cameroon to where he is today playing on a huge NBA contract. Redick asked about the moment when he knew he was good. Jo admitted his first NBA game was eye opening and he knew he belonged, but that the real coming out moment hasn’t happened yet. The true potential hasn’t been untapped just yet. Not the 46-point game in Los Angeles. Think about that.