Browns left guard Joel Bitonio, the unofficial team spokesman and three-time winner of the Browns’ Dino Lucarelli Good Guy Award, responded Wednesday to all the heat he took for saying it’s “Cleveland against the world” in the wake of Deshaun Watson getting booed in Jacksonville.

Bitonio incurred the wrath of fans and trolls on social media Aug. 15 for his remarks, with many accusing him of using Watson’s off-the-field issues as a rallying cry for the team — which anyone who knows him knows he’d never do.

“Yeah, I noticed it,” he said Wednesday. “I noticed, and what I said was, we’re going to go to stadiums and we’re going to get booed by people no matter who’s playing quarterback for us and as a team we come out and say ‘Cleveland against the world.’ If people want to take that in the wrong context or talk about it in the wrong context, that’s their opinion but I know we have good people on this team that are working hard and trying to be the best for the Cleveland Browns and that’s where I am at as a player who has been here for nine years, and if someone wants to think that I don’t love and appreciate things in my life, that’s their opinion.