A forgettable matchup between the Colts and Bills became unforgettable thanks to a whole lot of snow. And for Bills special-teamer/receiver/emergency quarterback Joe Webb, playing in a constantly-shaken snow globe became the ultimate test in rolling the dice hoping for the best. “There’s no way to prepare for it,” Webb told PFT by phone on Sunday after the 13-7 overtime win. Making it harder to prepare for playing quarterback in the snow is the fact that Webb was barely prepared to play quarterback at all. He said he took a “couple snaps” during the week due to the injury to starter Tyrod Taylor. “I still had to do my special-teams and receiver work,” Webb said. After backup Nathan Peterman exited with a concussion, it was time for Webb to play quarterback and only quarterback. For Webb, who played in Minnesota (indoors, with one exception noted below) and Carolina, it wasn’t the first time he’d faced those conditions. He pointed out that, nearly seven years ago, the Vikings played an outdoor Monday night game at the University of Minnesota after the Metrodome collapsed. After then-starter Brett Favre exited after his head hit the frozen field, Webb (then a rookie) entered the fray.