Within the next week, the Cleveland Browns will know whether or not they need to replace one of the best offensive linemen of all time. Left tackle Joe Thomas has been considering retirement this offseason, and on Tuesday night he told Jason Gibbs of ESPN Cleveland that he will try to make his decision on whether or not he will return to Cleveland for the 2018 season prior to the start of free agency. Per ESPN.com, Thomas confirmed that he has taken broadcasting auditions with FOX and ESPN. "I'm kind of just exploring those options," Thomas said. "I think it's always good to put yourself in front of those decision-makers and get practice at doing some of that stuff and kind of see if you like it. Whether I decide to retire or not, I think the end of my career is coming sooner than later. And it's good to kind of figure out a little bit where that career might head after your football days are done." Thomas is now 33 years old and coming off an arm injury he suffered in late October that knocked him out for the remainder of the 2017 season, snapping his incredible streak of 10,363 consecutive snaps played.