Joe Sakic knows a lot of the old faithful in the Avalanche fan base broke up with the team in recent years and not just because it lost a lot but how it lost. He wants to win those old fans back along with lots of new ones. He knows it won't just be about winning games for that to happen — but how. In short Sakic knows there was the perception among fans that the organization just didn't care enough anymore that there was a disconnect between the messages given to fans off the ice and what was seen on it. Sakic the Avs' new executive director of hockey operations wants everyone to know at least one thing: They care. "We may not always play well but our guys will always leave it all out on the ice. They're going to do whatever it takes to try to win that game" said Sakic a Hall of Fame former captain who retired in 2009. "We want everybody in the community back and excited about what we do the way it once was. The biggest thing is consistency; we've shown flashes in the past but now we've got to make it our jobs every day." Sakic had great talent as a player but he became a Hall of Famer through relentless mental and physical dedication to his craft. He didn't take opponents lightly.