Joe Philbin isn't interested in pretending he's shopping for the groceries the Miami Dolphins needed to improve the roster. That's General Manager Jeff Ireland's job. But Philbin does acknowledge that he helped make the grocery list for this offseason, and points out the Dolphins intended to achieve three specific things heading into his second season as head coach. Philbin wanted to make his offense more explosive. He hoped to make his defense more athletic and aggressive. And he needed to make the roster younger. Based on the offseason moves, which are highlighted by the addition of seam threat receiver Mike Wallace, tight end Dustin Keller, and linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler, it appears that Philbin's pretty pleased with the makeover so far. "We liked all these guys," Philbin said. "Each one of them has his own unique skill set that he can bring to the ballclub." Considering the franchise began free agency with $44 million in cap space, and his coaching staff only lost two assistants, Philbin admitted he was a little more involved with the evaluation process than last year. But he openly admitted the offseason is Ireland's domain. "Certainly, I'm not the money. I don't discuss contracts and offer him this much or that much," Philbin said. "That's not my area of expertise. They kind of take control, but I think we both kind of decide that we like this player, we think he can help us, he can contribute to our success and let's go after him."