Joe Nathan picked up his 300th save on Monday night in the Rangers’ 5-4 win over Tampa Bay. Well, there was a little more to it than that. Nathan, who became the 24th all-time member of the 300-save club, may be the first guy to do it on what everybody – even the umpire who initially called it a strike – knew to be a walk. Home plate umpire Marty Foster called an 82-mph curve ball on the low and outside part of the plate a strike on left-handed hitting Ben Zobrist. After a tirade from Zobrist and Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon, Foster said he blew the call. “I saw the pitch and, of course I don’t have the chance to do it again, but if I did, I wouldn’t call that pitch a strike,” Foster said after the game. “Joe was not violent. Joe was very professional. He was frustrated and I understand. He acted probably the best he can under that situation.” Nathan didn’t disagree. “It’s pretty safe to say we got fortunate, but I’ve seen plenty of them go the other way,” Nathan added. “I threw the pitch where I wanted to. He just didn’t offer at it like I wanted him to. Did I draw it up this way for my 300th? No, but I’ll take it.”