Shohei Ohtani leads American League designated hitters in All-Star Game fan votes by a wide margin. But the Los Angeles Angels' two-way sensation also is putting together a spectacular season on the mound, creating the possibility of Ohtani both pitching and hitting at Coors Field in Denver on July 13.

Angels manager Joe Maddon, who has made it a point to ease most of Ohtani's prior restrictions, wouldn't be against it.

"Just depends on his day," Maddon said Monday. "It's just an inning, and I know that if he's able to do that, I would have no objections to it. His schedule's been great, the number of innings pitched, how many pitches he's thrown I think is in really good order. I don't see a dramatic spike between now and then. It would just be how he feels and what he thinks about it. I think that would be the way to determine that."