A newly told story reveals that Joe Girardi was close to becoming the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2007.

Girardi played 15 seasons in MLB from 1989-2003 as a catcher. He spent four seasons with the Yankees, winning three World Series with the team. Girardi later went into managing and won Manager of the Year for the Florida Marlins in 2006 but was fired after the season.

Girardi was out of a job the next season, but Ned Colletti, who was the Dodgers’ GM at the time, says he was close to hiring Girardi to serve as the team’s manager, replacing Grady Little.

Colletti told the story during an interview with Jon Heyman and Rob Bradford on the “Big Time Baseball” podcast published on Monday. He says he nearly had an agreement with Girardi, but things changed when the Yankees fired Joe Torre.