Playing a Baltimore Ravens team that has the look of a team of destiny is enough to concern the 49ers. But facing a quarterback in the midst of one of the best postseasons ever can't be overlooked. The Ravens worked hard to get Joe Flacco signed to an extension before this season. Ultimately, both sides agreed to revisit the issue after Sunday's Super Bowl. Such an issue might have fractured most teams, with players, management and fans fixating on whether the team's key player is playing out the string. Not so with the Ravens and Flacco, according to coach John Harbaugh and Flacco. "It really hasn't been a challenge," Harbaugh said Thursday. "It's been amazingly non-challenging. That's a credit to Joe. Joe doesn't worry about this stuff. It's not something that matters to him. He's not a guy that gets all wrapped up in that." In light of how well Flacco has played this season, particularly in the playoffs, the figures the two sides exchanged before the season likely pale in comparison to what Flacco asks for now. Flacco has not been intercepted in his 93 postseason passes against the Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos and New England Patriots. He has thrown eight touchdown passes. "It's real simple: We didn't agree on numbers, and I didn't really care to discuss it any further once it got to that point," Flacco said. "It's a good problem to have and to be talking about."