From the moment Packers coach Mike McCarthy barked “did you just listen to the question I just answered?” at a reporter who had the nerve to ask whether Colin Kaepernick could be added to the post-Aaron Rodgers quarterback depth chart, one thing became clear: Former Division III quarterback Joe Callahan would be one injury to Brett Hundley away from becoming either a disaster or a Disney movie. More than a month later, the possibility that the guy we’ve jokingly been calling the wrong name (primarily Houlihan) due to his anonymity. As it turns out, Callahan also is known by multiple other names within his own locker room. Via Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal, the options have included “Big Tom Callahan’s Son” (a Tommy Boy pull), “Bo” (after the quarterback whose draft stock falls in Draft Day a/k/a The Worst Football Movie Ever Made Not Named Leatherheads), “Francis” (his actual first name), and “Joseph-Joseph” (due to confusion by one of the assistant coaches when Callahan said his middle name is Joseph). By whatever name, Callahan could be getting the same kind of baptism by blast furnace that DeShone Kizer received back in Week One.