At a nondescript dining table in a quiet suburban home 78 miles from Columbus, the shaping of Joe Burrow's future has begun.

"All the time," Burrow's father replies when asked whether agents have begun seeking representation of his son, LSU's quarterback and quite possibly the 2019 Heisman Trophy winner.

"Drew Rosenhaus has been here, all those guys," Jimmy Burrow continues. "Between that, marketing people, financial advisers [there have been a lot]."

He goes on to mention the Creative Artists Agency power couple of Jimmy Sexton and Tom Condon. Between them, the two CAA agents represent a large swath of college coaches and NFL players. CAA brags that it has 64 first-round draft picks alone since 2010.

"Joe doesn't want anything to do with it. We don't want him to. We limit phone calls to him," Jimmy Burrow says.

But very soon, the Burrow family will have to deal with it. Joe's star has risen so far, so fast that it's hard to keep track how far and how fast.

About 18 months after arriving on campus, Joe Burrow on Saturday will attempt to lead No. 2 LSU to an SEC title and College Football Playoff berth. In that space of time, he has been the difference in a program that was consistently bogged down offensively until he arrived with all of 38 career passes to his resume.

While Burrow's career and LSU's fortunes speed toward Atlanta, here in The Plains, things slow down. To its residents, he is still Joey, the hometown hero who lost his first game at Athens High School and then never lost another in the regular season.

They have placed homemade "Geaux Jeaux" signs on their homes, a salute to the Cajun culture Burrow has embraced.

Gigi's has become the unofficial headquarters of everything Burrow. The breakfast-lunch joint in nearby Athens could pass as a Joe Burrow Memorial. An LSU T-shirt hangs from the ceiling. A purple and gold wreath hangs on a wall.

"I came in yesterday [and saw] an LSU-painted rock on my counter," said Gigi's owner Travis Brand. "I've had no less than 20 or 30 phone calls from people in Baton Rouge just calling to say, 'Hey.' They just think we're so cool."

Gigi's held an impromptu pep rally before the Alabama game on Nov. 9. Its Facebook page welcomed all LSU fans, telling Bama fans to go get their own food. "Pretty sure the McRib is back. Go to McDonald's."