The NBA trade deadline is an exciting time for all NBA followers; some teams trade for star players, others decide to tank and collect young prospects and draft picks. But the deadline also provides teams an opportunity to improve their depth. While these trades are not hyped up as much as those including stars or draft pick, they are still vital for teams that truly want to play in June. One of the possible movers before the Feb. 8 deadline is Washington Wizards backup guard Jodie Meeks, according to Candance Buckner from Post Sports. Apparently, the 30-year old guard is not happy with his decreased playing time. As Candace explains, “Meeks’ camp would welcome a trade in search of a more prominent role on another team.” Meeks signed a two-year, $7 million deal with the Wizards last summer to serve as Bradley Beal’s backup. But recently, things have not gone as he first expected.