Apparently, Joba Chamberlain never learned to pick his battles. And the New York Yankees reliever had an uphill climb in front of him after a verbal spat with his teammate, renowned closer Mariano Rivera. Rivera asked Chamberlain, who was chatting nearby, to keep it down as he wound up a Saturday press conference. But Chamberlain took offense, as after Rivera finished speaking, he had something to say himself. "Don't ever shush me," Chamberlain said to Rivera, while both were still in earshot of the reporters. Given a night to reconsider his fiery tone toward baseball's all-time saves leader, Chamberlain stood his ground. He was given a public forum to perhaps apologize to Rivera on Sunday but chose to go in a different direction. "There's no need to apologize," Chamberlain told reporters before Sunday's series finale in Kansas City. "For what? It's over with. It's done. It's really not an issue in the first place. But when asked about the incident after Saturday's game, Rivera seemed taken aback that a teammate would speak to him so condescendingly in the public eye.