Unfortunately I couldn't find video evidence of this, but apparently the Suns local broadcast (featuring not-the-molester-one Eddie Johnson) were funnin' on Joakim Noah's jump-shooting and subsequent FingAGunz. I'm guessing it was sweet karmic ear-juice for Bulls fans listening when Noah buried one on overtime to fully cement the Bulls victory. Bulls By the Horns appropriately heaps on the Noah praise: Noah scored 11 of his points after the Bulls had given up their big lead. That included a) two 17-foot jumpers in the fourth quarter and b) Chicago's final two buckets in overtime - a nifty driving layup that put the Bulls up 110-101 with 1:23 remaining and a cold-blooded 18-footer with 29 seconds left that held off the Suns' final flurry. Thibodeau did make one other observation about Noah's game: "(He) probably could have had 30 tonight if he had made his dunks."