Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah, automatically ejected in the third quarter after picking up his second technical foul of the game, unleashed a burst of invective anger on the three referees nearby, individually pointing at each and screaming "F--- you!" before being escorted off the floor Monday night. Noah apologized after the 99-70 loss to Sacramento, the Kings' first win in eight games. "I'm really disappointed." Noah said. "I shouldn't have acted that way. I apologize, I'm sorry to all three referees out there. They're out there trying to do their jobs and I should never have said the things that I said." Noah, who already had picked up one technical in the first half, earned the second one after reacting to a foul call. "I hope they accept my apology and I hope I can move on from this,'' Noah said. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said he didn't think Noah was facing a suspension as a result of the outburst. "No," Thibodeau said after the game. Noah said he wasn't sure whether a fine or suspension would be coming his way. "I don't know what's going to happen," he said. "But I just want to apologize, and that's it.'' Noah's actions came in the midst of one of the Bulls' worst defeats of the season. As a team, they shot just 28.2 percent from the field and the All-Star center admitted he was upset with how the game was going. "Yeah, I think I was just frustrated with the game," Noah said. "You gotta give Sacramento a lot of credit. They played really well, they deserve to win and we've got to step it up, but I think I was just frustrated with the way the game was going. I was frustrated with the call, but it doesn't give me the right to do what I did. I deserve to get ejected, and it was just a bad decision on my part.''