The Ravens offseason workouts are essentially finished, and one player has stood out above all others. That man is Jimmy Smith, the Ravens third year “draft disappointment”. Smith has a new boxing program that has raised his speed and conditioning levels and he is also about 12 lbs lighter than he was last year(or at any point in his NFL career). I have always bee a fan of Jimmy Smith. I was pulling for him on draft night and I have been defending him for 2 years as a player. When he gets on the field healthy, which has essentially only been in the playoffs in both of his seasons, he has played remarkably well. he had 2 INTs in 3 games to end the season in 2011. this year he played very well in the New England and San Francisco games and even almost singlehandedly(with an assist from the pressure applied by the Ravens front 7) held the niners on their final goalline stand. Smith was in coverage on all three of the Crabtree pass attempts. Crabtree didnt get any of them and Smith even knocked Crabtrees block off on one.