Jimmy Rollins put on a pinstriped Phillies jersey Sunday for the first time in nearly four years. Rollins, at Spectrum Field for a ceremony to honor the 2008 world champions, had not returned to the Phillies since he was traded after the 2014 season. The team’s all-time hits leader hasn’t played since the Giants released him at the end of spring training last year. Before that, he spent 2015 with the Dodgers and the first half of 2016 with the White Sox. But he has yet to officially retire. The Phillies asked Rollins if he wanted to sign a ceremonial contract this summer and retire with the team. Rollins had seen former teammates do that. It’s not for him, he said. Rollins does want to retire with the Phillies, but he has his own plans. “If I get signed to a one-day thing, I’m playing,” Rollins said. “If they want me to retire and they just announce it, that’s fine. But if you sign me to a contract, I’m playing. I don’t do honorary contracts. I’m going to play that day. I may just run out onto the field and pull a hamstring, but I’m going to jump that line one more time.” Rollins has a meeting scheduled soon with general manager Matt Klentak to discuss a possible role. Rollins would like to join the Phillies in some capacity but is not sure what role would suit him. He lives in Tampa with his wife and daughters. He’s not interested in coaching but said he could work on assisting some players or on special assignments. Perhaps he can persuade Klentak to open a spot on the roster for him so he can retire the way he wants to.