Every season at this time of year on every NFL team that’s not going to the playoffs, there is talk of taking momentum from the end of the current season into the next season. And every year in almost every circumstance, that notion is pure folly. What happens at the end of one regular season has absolutely no impact on what will happen the following season, which isn’t going to begin for another nine months. And that’s not even to mention the organized team activities, minicamps and training camp taking place before that next season begins. A team winning its final game of the 2017 season or its final three or four games is not going to benefit from that once the 2018 season begins. Nor is a team losing its final game, two or three in 2017 going to damage its chances in 2018. So the thought that any team that’s already eliminated from a postseason berth is seeking a win in Sunday’s season finale to give itself momentum entering the 2018 season is a myth. With one exception: The 49ers. Because of Jimmy Garoppolo. The energy, production and wins the former Patriots backup quarterback has brought to San Francisco have given the franchise, which has spent the last several years in the doldrums, massive hope — not just 2018 but beyond.