Jimmy Butler's decision to leave the Philadelphia 76ers as a free agent in the summer of 2019 reportedly stemmed in part from his assessment of Ben Simmons' mentality during their time together as teammates. 

Per The Athletic's Zach Harper, Butler "didn't view [Simmons] on par with someone like himself or [Joel] Embiid when it came to mental makeup."

Harper noted Butler also "didn't like the hierarchy" of the Sixers organization. 

In the past, Butler has denied that he wanted to leave Philadelphia because of any issues with Embiid or Simmons. 

"I didn't have a problem with either one of them," he told Andrew Sharp of Sports Illustrated in February. "Still talk to those dudes. I wish them the absolute best. A career of great health, make as much money as you can, win as many championships as you can. I did not have a problem with any of those guys. It just didn't work the way that we wanted it to work."