Texas A&M football head coach Jimbo Fisher made his feelings clear about the amount of tampering going on in the NCAA's transfer portal as teams continue to navigate the NIL (name, image and likeness) era.

Fisher made his remarks during a National Signing Day press conference.

Fisher made it clear that he doesn't have any issue with players getting paid. Rather, he has a problem with the rules (or lack thereof) governing the system in place.

"I'm not saying being able to transfer is bad," Fisher said, per Dean Straka of 247Sports. "I'm not saying paying players bad. But the current status of the rules and the way it's done and how it's done? It's ridiculous. It's here. Everybody has the same issues and same problems."

He also expressed concern that teams who weren't abiding by the rules would continue to get rewarded.

"The ones that keep pushing the rules and breaking them will be rewarded," Fisher said. "And the others have to keep fighting, scratching and clawing to do things the right way. You can do it that way and win. Always have."