On Wednesday evening, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Curtis Granderson found himself in the midst of quite the strange play. After originally being called out on strikes, Granderson was then sent back to the plate as it was determined that he actually foul tipped the previously called third strike. While this was certainly not the case despite Granderson eventually striking out on the very next pitch, the Chicago Cubs were still quite unhappy with the clearly incorrect call. According to ESPN, home plate umpire Jim Wolf did promptly admit that he had gotten the now infamous call wrong on Wednesday evening. “Wolf admitted afterward that he was ‘dead wrong’ on the call, saying, ‘I talked myself into the whole thing.’ “Wolf — the brother of former big league pitcher Randy Wolf — said afterward he heard ‘two distinct, separate sounds’ on the pitch, believing the first to be the pitch bouncing in the dirt and the second being the pop of the catcher’s mitt.” Because the umpires had clearly gotten the call wrong, Cubs manager Joe Maddon was irate as a result of the odd occurrence.