Despite his absence from the field since early October, UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen has proved he's still one of the most polarizing players in college football. His comments regarding the complex relationship players have with academics proved it again Tuesday. UCLA coach Jim Mora addressed the comments in an interview on "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday. "When you express opinions, you create perceptions. You create controversy," Mora said. "There are those that agree with you and those who don't agree with you, and you have to be willing to deal with the consequences." In a wide-ranging interview with Bleacher Report conducted in the spring and published Tuesday, Rosen conveyed a belief that being a college student and a football player were at odds with each other. "Look, football and school don't go together," Rosen said. "They just don't. Trying to do both is like trying to do two full-time jobs." "Human beings don't belong in school with our schedules," he continued. "No one in their right mind should have a football player's schedule and go to school. It's not that some players shouldn't be in school; it's just that universities should help them more -- instead of just finding ways to keep them eligible."