Former Tiger Ryan Raburn will return to Detroit tonight with his current team, the Indians. Manager Jim Leyland said he'll be glad to see him, but still absorbs the blame for the down year Raburn had last year with the Tigers. "I think I screwed him up last year trying to make him a second baseman," Leyland said. "If I would have played him part-time in the outfield and not set high expectations, he probably would have been fine. "He hit 14, 16 and 15 home runs three years in a row part-time. I just thought maybe we could get something like that out of him playing second base. "It didn't work. So I'll take responsibility for that." Will Raburn get booed or cheered by Tigers' fans when his name is announced? "It's fair to say I don't think there needs to be an emotional response either way," said Leyland. "The kid is pursuing his career with the Cleveland Indians. It is what it is." And would it be difficult for Leyland to hear boos for Raburn, a player he genuinely liked? "I don't like to see any player get booed unless he's not making an effort," Leyland said. "You deserve what you get if you don't make an effort. "If a guy is giving an honest effort every day, though, I don't get any satisfaction seeing any player from any team get booed." Specifics In Wednesday's game, Leyland's view of Torii Hunter's errant throw was so obscured that he wasn't sure what part of runner Adam LaRoche got hit and where it caromed after that. But he made sure to find out. "It grazed his shoulder and hit the front of a camera after that," Leyland said. The error was the first for a Tigers outfielder this year, but was followed by a blunder Austin Jackson made in the first inning on Thursday. Hunter doesn't make many errors, though. He's never made more than four errors in a season and after Thursday's game, he has averaged just one error for every 402 innings in his career.