Jim Leyland's managerial status has been been a hot topic of discussion for the past couple of seasons. Over the past year, some saw signs the Tigers' manager would retire from baseball much sooner than later. Speculation began when Leyland didn't want to commit to the Tigers long-term, requesting only one year contracts from the team the last two years. Last September there were published rumors the 68 year old baseball lifer was tiring of the managerial grind and 2012 would be his last season. There has been talk Leyland could leave the game if the Tigers won a World Series, just like his best friend Tony La Russa did at the end of the 2011 season. Not wanting to deal with any possible distractions this year in regard to his status, Leyland decided to nip any retirement discussion in the bud. Before today's game with the Mets, the veteran skipper declared he's not ready for the old folks home just yet. The always pithy Leyland was a quote machine, denying retirement was anywhere close to being on his mind. Going into his eighth season with the Tigers, Leyland sounded like a man who wants to manage well into his 70's.