Mark Dantonio has been trolling Michigan for years. He did it back in the fall after his Michigan State Spartans upset the Wolverines by mentioning the number of formations Jim Harbaugh uses on offense. As if to say: “I know football, too!” And he did it again this week, when asked what he thought about MSU getting punked by Michigan for a spot in the Outback Bowl — the Spartans had the better record. “You know, the records are what they are,” he said. “I’ll just continue to concentrate on beating Michigan. And things will sort of sort out.” OK, so the questioner didn’t use the word “punked” when he addressed Dantonio. But don’t think Dantonio doesn’t feel that way. That us-against-the-world-and-the-world-centers-on-Michigan outlook infuses every particle of his program. It’s spectacular fuel. Look at the results. What has been missing in the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry has been the rebuttal. Until now. Thank you, Jim Harbaugh. Welcome to the 21st Century, when the most important game of your year has nothing to do with the Buckeyes, and everything to do with the Spartans. Beat MSU first, worry about everyone else later, including Ohio State. Oh, Harbaugh didn’t spell that out when he unleashed a fabulously entertaining and sarcastic tweet Monday. But he might as well have.