The NFL Combine will be coming to a close on Tuesday late afternoon. The last to go will be the defensive back group, who should gain significant interest from 49ers scouts. This past weekend, though, San Francisco had a close eye on the defensive linemen and wide receivers. While the team needs a nose guard, the Niners could also use another pass-catcher. And hopefully, it will be someone that can fill in opposite Michael Crabtree. Scott Kegley of TV49 had a chance to speak with Jim Harbaugh at Lucas Oil Stadium on Monday. Coach Harbaugh had some interesting comments on the draft process so far and even mentioned the name of a particular player at a position of need. On the scouts getting to work so quickly: It's good. There's still a lot of work to be done and Trent [Baalke] would say the same thing. They're definitely pretty far along too and that's good. So, this will be another piece to the puzzle. On familiarity with prospects; either coaching them or playing against them: And recruited. A lot of these guys are now coming through that we recruited. They might have gone to other schools but sure do remember recruiting them and got some good memories of that. And it's very exciting, because you start to champion guys, you start to like guys. And you want to meet them and you want to find out more about them. And you get the opportunity to do that here. You get to have interviews with them, you get to meet them, you get to watch them compete in various on-field skill events and weightlifting, how high they can jump, how far they can jump, how fast they can run. You get to know them better and this is an opportunity to do that.