With Michigan back in the College Football Playoff, there have been questions about head coach Jim Harbaugh's future with the team as NFL clubs could come knocking at his door this offseason.

However, Harbaugh shut down rumors of a potential departure from Michigan on Sunday, telling reporters that he would return to the Wolverines in 2023, via ESPN's Tom VanHaaren:

"That time of the year type of speculation, but I think no man knows the future. But I think that people that think we've done a good job and are pleased with the job that we've done here at Michigan, they're going to be very happy to learn that we will be back enthusiastically coaching the Wolverines in 2023. And for those people that don't approve of the job we've done or would rather see somebody else coaching here, I think they'll be most likely disappointed to learn we'll be back coaching the Wolverines and in 2023."

Harbaugh's comments come after NFL Network's Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport reported that "multiple NFL teams have been doing background work recently" on the Michigan head coach.