Jim Harbaugh and the NFL continued to be linked after the season. After heading into the 2021 season facing a make or break situation, Harbaugh led Michigan to a Big Ten title and the College Football Playoff. But he was reportedly tempted about a possible return to the NFL. However, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said Harbaugh is more likely to stay in college than leave.

Schefter joined Adam Schein on Mad Dog Sports Radio to break down the latest with Harbaugh.

“Look, Jim Harbaugh is a tough guy to predict,” Schefter said to Schein. “And I don't like absolutes at this time of the year because things change on a moment's notice. But if you’re asking my opinion today … I would say he's more likely than not to stay. Unless he gets an offer from an NFL team he can't refuse. Now, is there going to be an NFL team out there that comes at him so hard with so much money with such a good situation? That they're going to make it such that he can say no, and that could happen?