Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh found out about Mazi Smith's arrest a few hours after it happened.

Harbaugh, speaking with reporters via Zoom to preview Michigan's College Football Playoff semifinal matchup in the Fiesta Bowl against No. 3 TCU (12-1), explained that he heard about Smith's incident from the senior himself and said it was a collaborative decision to allow Smith to play ever since.

"We found out the day that it happened," Harbaugh said. "Mazi was completely honest, up front, cooperative. Felt like he gave us the exact circumstances and then, as I said, this has been something that's — I really respect the justice system and feel like there will be a fair resolution that comes soon from that.

"As far as the decision to play Mazi Smith, from the time of the incident through now, that's a decision that's made by our athletic director Warde Manuel, president Santa Ono and myself, all who know Mazi Smith and know the kind of person he is and the trust he's built up in our program."