The Detroit Lions are 8-7 and officially out of the playoff race. They've outscored their opponents by 10 points this season, making them the closest team in the NFL to having an exactly even point differential. They are, in other words, an ever-so-slightly above-average football team. And this comes a year after the team finished 9-7 with a point differential of minus-12, which made them either a slightly above of slightly below-average football team a year ago as well. Being slightly above average, according to Lions coach Jim Caldwell, just won't do. "We're just a little bit above average, and a little bit above average is not good enough," Caldwell said Tuesday, per "There's no bowl games in this league and so we got to get better, we got to get better in every area. It's a team sport and there's not anything that we just absolutely excelled at I think all across the board." The Lions are looking at missing the playoffs for the second time in Caldwell's four seasons at the helm. They went 11-5 in his first year and 7-9 in his second year, meaning they're 35-28 overall. That 0.556 winning percentage translates to an average of about 8.6 wins per season, which again is slightly above-average.