Jim Boeheim thinks it's funny. His flip-out, his freak-out, the way he drew two technical fouls and an ejection with 10.2 seconds left in a two-point game, costing his team any chance it had at a late rally. He thinks it's hilarious. And Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski thinks it's great. One person at Cameron Indoor Stadium who seemed to grasp just what Boeheim did to his team was Syracuse senior forward C.J. Fair, whose tying basket with 10.2 seconds to play Saturday night was waved off when he was called for the offensive foul that triggered Boeheim's meltdown. It was Fair who uttered the following truth after Syracuse's 66-60 loss: "Maybe if we didn't get the techs, we probably still had a chance to win," Fair said. "We lost by [six]? He made three of the four free throws. You do the math." Sorry, C.J., but nobody's interested in that math. Not Boeheim, who said he wouldn't regret his late-game freak-out -- "not today, not next week" -- and not Krzyzewski, who stood up for his friend by saying his loss of composure wasn't rip-worthy. No, Coach K said, the way Jim Boeheim clawed at his jacket and ran onto the court and cursed out the officials was praise-worthy. "I applaud him," Coach K said, pretty much the three dumbest words this very smart man has uttered in his Hall of Fame career. You applaud him? This wasn't Coach K being snarky, saying he applauds Boeheim because what Boeheim did guaranteed a victory for Duke. This was Coach K refusing to do the math that C.J. Fair was suggesting, refusing to acknowledge that this masterful college basketball game, one that had both coaches gushing about their sport and that specific game's place in its history, was decided in the final 10 seconds by one person losing his mind.