As is becoming an annual tradition, Syracuse is making the best of a questionable inclusion in the NCAA Tournament. After easily dismantling San Diego State in the opening round, the Orange surprised West Virginia, 75-72, yesterday to advance to yet another Sweet Sixteen. It's as if opposing coaches are somehow surprised to encounter a 2-3 zone as if it's a freakish stunt — like a dog playing basketball — and not something Boeheim has been doing since America celebrated its Bicentennial.

The long-time coach, who is never slow to critique others, was asked about criticism aimed his way postgame, and offered this chestnut of wisdom:

"I don't hear it because they're from people who are inconsequential ... All that stuff on the internet, not one sentence on the internet matters, not one. When my boss, the athletic director or the chancellor, says something to me, I listen to that. They have not."