Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim responded bluntly to former Indiana coach Tom Crean's draft night criticism of forward Tyler Lydon. "He's an idiot," Boeheim said. "He said he's not a good shooter. Freshman, sophomore year he shoots 40 percent from 3. That's pretty good for a young player. I think he had the best shooting statistics at the combine, I think, of all the big guys. He shoots it. That's what he does. It just shows the ignorance and not doing the work, the research, the background check. He's athletic and can do a lot of other things but he can really shoot." Crean was critical of Lydon after the draft saying, "I don't think he's that good" and questioning Lydon's shooting and whether he could guard NBA players as a stretch-4. Crean made his comments as part of an NBA Draft livestream with The Vertical, the media platform established by esteemed NBA reporter Adrian Wojanarowski. The draft night broadcast is popular because it runs ahead of the televised broadcast, and the website generally supplies a deep level of analysis, particularly when it comes to finances and transactions. In this case, however, Boeheim believes the analysis from Crean was particularly poor. As Boeheim noted, Lydon was the top shooting big at the NBA combine by a statistical margin. According to the NBA, he made less than 60 percent of his shots at just one of the 10 stations set up. Among Crean's comments were the following: "The whole strength is supposed to be the shooting, things like. ... I think he plays hard, I think he tries hard, I don't think he's soft. But I don't think the shot is there. I don't think the mobility. Guys like him, who are they going to guard? And who are they going to separate from?" Boeheim also appeared to take issue with comments from former Nets assistant general manager Bobby Marks that were made on the broadcast. Marks said he believed that playing the 2-3 zone in college was an obstacle to adjusting to playing defense in the NBA.