Sometimes there are games where you just shake your head and laugh because nothing goes right and there's nothing you can do about. Your team plays it's ass off and runs into a hot goalie, or a fluke goal against undoes all the hard work that they put in in the previous 55 minutes. Then you have games like today, where everything that could have conspired against the Wings to give them a loss nearly did, but they get 2 points anyway. Strong play early, a performance-of-the-year by Jimmy Howard, and a little puck luck and the Wings are 2-0 on this little homestand after eking out a 3-2 victory over the Kings. Make no mistake, this was totally Jimmy Howard's game. He just let everyone else play in it. Third game in four nights. Second game in less than 24 hours. Playing against a rested opponent who was coming in looking to turn around their season-long struggles after being shut out in their last outing. You want excuses? I got 'em. And yet here are the Wings, winners of 3 straight and suddenly playing with a little more of the swagger we're used to. Pavel Datsyuk was crushed by Drew Doughty on a semi-high hit (that was totally legal). Then minutes later he blows by the defense and goes top-shelf. Moral? Never Dought Datsyuk.