Clarice Tyree, the mother of former Rutgers player Jevon Tyree, provided with a reaction to the investigation results released by the university on Tuesday. Clarice Tyree said there is nothing to be gained by continuing to go back-and-forth, so she provided this written response from the family: "We're glad that the investigation cleared the fact that, prior to meeting Julie Hermann for the first time during the meeting mediated with Pastor Soaries, she (Julie Hermann) had no contact with us. It's good that it's now known that we did not, and would never fabricate such a misrepresentation of our interactions with Rutgers Athletics and Julie Hermann. The report says that her conversation regarding a 'resolution' was with Kyle Flood, and not with Jevon's father, Mark Tyree. We're proud of the strength of Jevon's character. Jevon will continue with his academics, he has put his unfortunate experience with Rutgers football behind him; he has taken the good and bad of this situation and has grown from this, and now is eagerly moving forward towards his future.