Despite statements to the contrary by the Jets, trading star cornerback Darrelle Revis remains a priority for them and a deal with the Buccaneers is not dead, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. The desire to do a deal from both sides is there. Though they have yet to agree on a trade, those talks could easily be stoked at the owners meetings in Arizona next week. In essence, the entire front offices will be gathered as well as the head coaches and owners. To this point, the money for a new Revis deal is not expected to be a holdup, sources said, and the Jets want to avoid a situation in which they lose Revis for nothing after the 2013 season. The Bucs would love to upgrade their struggling secondary, and the record signing of safety Dashon Goldson is not a hindrance, either, from a budget or cap standpoint. New York is trying to get a first-round pick as part of the compensation, and the sides could get creative in how they structure the deal, with provisions that would elevate a future draft pick based on Revis' production. Other teams could pursue Revis as well and have explored trade scenarios, but things progressed much further with the Bucs. Several league sources have identified Tampa Bay as the likely destination for him since before the combine.