Has the Geno-coaster come to a stop? The New York Jets watched rookie quarterback Geno Smith struggle through the 2013 season, eventually finishing as the lowest-rated passer in the NFL. But things are changing, according to Jets wide receiver David Nelson. What's the difference between the Geno of last season and the 2014 version? "His maturity. Not necessarily as a passer, but as a quarterback," Nelson told FOXSports.com in a telephone interview on Tuesday. "And I mean that by saying all of the above. It means walking into the huddle, commanding attention in the huddle, calling a play with authority, calling out blitzes with authority. "He is taking authority over the offense and taking command over that group. When you see that, you see guys who want to play for him and you see a bunch of guys start to embrace him. You're going to see a much more cohesive unit this year because of his maturity and because of his understanding of the offense and how the NFL works as a whole." As Smith develops, Nelson has grown alongside. The fifth-year player joined the Jets just before Week 5 last season and was very much thrown into the fire thanks to the many injuries that hit the Jets' receiving corps. "I remember the first three weeks, it was chaos. Here I am coming in Week 4, learning a brand new offense with a brand new coaching staff and a brand new team. New city, new environment." What's more, the Jets had a Monday Night Football matchup against the Atlanta Falcons and Nelson had to play a major role with the team's three starting wideouts out for the game. "I didn't get the time to know anybody. It was the craziest three-and-a-half weeks I've experienced as a professional," said Nelson, who spends his free time organizing relief efforts in impoverished nations as part of the "I'm ME!" charity that he started with his brothers.