Clyde Gates said last week’s struggles in New England were frustrating but won’t be deflating and the Jets’ beleaguered wide receiver believes his four dropped passes on Sept. 12 against the Patriots will just make him work even harder Sunday against the Bills at MetLife Stadium. “Oh yeah. It’s not like I’m down; that’s part of the game” Gates said. “You’re going to catch them. You’re going to drop them: What matters is how you bounce back. “When you have something like that happen when you have a game like that you’ve got to be itching to come out the following day or the following week just to better yourself to focus better see what you did wrong and fix it.’’ There was plenty wrong to fix from that Week 2 game when Gates dropped four passes including one in the end zone and another around the 10-yard line. The only thing worse than red-zone drops are end-zone drops and Gates had both each one pivotal in the Jets’ 13-10 loss. “I wouldn’t say it shakes my confidence” said Gates who couldn’t hold onto the ball on his diving touchdown attempt and lost the ball in the lights in his red-zone drop. “It’s just frustrating because you don’t want that to happen. “It was just a drop. I have no excuse. That’s just what they were.’’ There was Gates at the start of Friday’s practice with a football in hand even as his teammates stretched. He tossed it twirled it but he kept catching it — with both hands reinforcing the need to concentrate.