Josh McCown’s next career as the World’s Greatest Motivational Speaker is so obvious to anyone fortunate enough to absorb his wisdom during his 15-year career. Tony Robbins can’t even touch this guy’s positivity. It’s nearly impossible to wipe a smile off McCown’s 38-year-old face despite injuries to his hands, fingers, thumbs, feet, shoulders, collarbones, ribs and head through the years. He once sprained his left knee and left foot on the same play. He even hurt his finger while holding firewood for his chainsaw-wielding brother one day. He gave the Jets a momentary scare after getting the wind knocked out of him in the preseason finale, too. McCown has forged on with an infectious sunny disposition that made him a quality off-season acquisition. The guy who always gets hurt has somehow managed to play every snap through the first 10 games, but his career year with his eighth team has come at a price for an organization bent on finding the long-term answer at the position he happens to play. Todd Bowles’ team (4-6) is still in the playoff conversation largely because of McCown’s elevated play through the first 10 games, but the unintended consequence cannot be ignored: The veteran’s career revival will make life more difficult for the Jets in the long run. “I’m pleased with how I’m playing,” McCown said. “Some of the things that I’ve set out to do for myself personally, just with different markers that I want to hit and things that I’m looking for as far as playing good football and stuff like that, I feel really good about it… I’m just really proud to be a part of it and feel really good about the things that we’ve been able to do.”