In the middle of the best game of his short two-year career, Robby Anderson took a minute to self-promote. The wideout had just scored a 54-yard touchdown -- his second of the game -- to put the Jets up five on Sunday against the Panthers. When the camera found him during a T.V. timeout, Anderson asked fans to vote him to the Pro Bowl. Harmless, but not the best look. Especially after the Jets went on to blow their third fourth-quarter lead of the season in a 35-27 defeat. After the game, coach Todd Bowles was asked about Anderson's plea. He wasn't amused. "I didn't see it, but if that's true, that's not smart football at all," he said. "We don't want selfish players on this team doing selfish things." Broadcaster and former NFL standout Chris Spielman was the first to spark outrage over Anderson's comments. After Fox showed the clip, Spielman, who was doing color commentary, said Anderson should focus on "holding onto a lead in the fourth quarter," instead of campaigning for Pro Bowl votes. "If you're a Pro Bowl receiver, your play will speak for itself," he said. When told of Spielman's remarks, Anderson insisted he wasn't trying to be malicious or take anything away from the team. He was just having fun.