Ed Reed disagrees with anyone who thinks he is finished. In fact, the Jets safety thinks he’s far from it. “I’ve probably got two more years,” Reed said. “We’ll see, though. We’ll see how it goes.” That seems hard to believe after watching Reed play for the Jets in the last three weeks. He looks slow, shy from contact and ineffective since joining the Jets following his release by the Texans in midseason. Reed said the criticism directed his way does not bother him. “I don’t worry about it,” he said Thursday. “I’ve been criticized since I was in [college at] Miami, since I came into the league. I understand that the blessings and the talents came down from God that I’ve been given. I have created a standard for myself. That standard hasn’t been created by no fan or no person in the media. It’s been created by me. The criticism coming from you guys or whoever, I don’t worry about it.” Reed does not feel his play has slipped. “I just had my second hip surgery,” he said. “I’m not a year out from that. I don’t think I have played much different than I have in the past if you go back and look at tape. Outside of not being challenged as much, I don’t think there’s really been too much of a difference outside of having a second hip surgery and maybe not moving as fast.” Both coach Rex Ryan and defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman praised Reed’s contributions. Both said Reed has helped the secondary’s communication and he is helping in the meeting room.