It will be a few more months before Zach Wilson's NFL career begins in earnest. But his first workout as a quarterback for the New York Jets is in the books.

The No. 2 overall selection, along with his fellow 2021 draftmates and undrafted free agents, commenced rookie minicamp Friday. Wilson said it didn't take long to notice the difference between the college and pro game.

"A lot of thinking. Way more thinking than you typically want to do in football, but that's a Day 1 kind of thing," Wilson told reporters Saturday. "I really think it just comes down to the scheme part of it, how much more detailed and complicated, to a point. And I think that's what makes it so special.

"There's so many small things that change that momentum and change a game. That's what separates everybody in this league. The best and the worst quarterbacks, whoever it is, it's such a small difference between those, and it really shows you the littlest details are what make the biggest difference."

Such an approach from Wilson would seem to be a smart, if not necessary, foundation to build upon. He's already planning to organize throwing sessions with rookies and returning receivers following the three-day camp.

Wilson, of course, is primed to be the Jets' starter after the organization traded Sam Darnold to the Panthers prior to the draft and did not acquire an established veteran in free agency. (?James Morgan and Mike White make out the rest of the current depth chart.) The 21-year-old understands the significance of the role -- he was QB1 for the better part of his three seasons at BYU -- but at this stage is more concerned with getting acclimated to his new environment.