So Browns rookie Johnny Manziel insists on making a big ol' frat party out of his offseason, at least when he isn't hanging with Justin Bieber or lounging by the pool? So what, says Jets running back Chris Johnson. In that same podcast interview with's Dave Dameshek in which he said he could beat Mike Vick in a footrace, Johnson was also asked what advice he'd have for a fun-loving rookie like Manziel, who is somehow more damaging to the Browns' brand than the existence of the Browns. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam recently had to meet with Manziel to tell him to tone it down. Manziel pretty much responded by saying, "Yeah, no." Incidentally, this would be the same Jimmy Haslam whose truck stop chain is accused of defrauding customers out of millions of dollars; at least 10 employees have already pleaded guilty for their roles the scheme, which could extend all the way up to Haslam's owner's suite. This would also be the same Jimmy Haslam who fired a coach after just one season, and a general manager and CEO weeks later after a little less than two seasons, only to have the subsequent search for a new coach drag on and on.