David Gustafsson doesn’t make a habit of making bold proclamations.

The Winnipeg Jets forward prospect is the type of guy who prefers to let his play do much of the talking for him.

So don’t think of this as a philosophical change, but Gustafsson sees a clear path to becoming an NHL regular this fall and he’s planning to do everything in his power to accomplish that goal.

“My approach is that I want to get a spot on the roster. I feel like there are a couple of open spots there and I want those to be mine,” said Gustafsson. “That’s just what I’m thinking about right now. I want to do everything I can to get that spot.”

Gustafsson carries himself with a quiet confidence, but knows what he wants.

And he’s well-equipped to take the next step in his development.

After the departure of forwards Mathieu Perreault, Nate Thompson and Trevor Lewis in free agency, as well as Mason Appleton in the Seattle Kraken expansion draft, there are more spots available on the Jets roster.

While the competition remains stiff, Gustafsson has several things working in his favour.

He’s already got 26 NHL games under his belt, including 22 during the 2019-20 campaign -- when he somewhat unexpectedly snagged a spot as a 19-year-old.