It is difficult to overstate the magnitude of this win for the Winnipeg Jets. Huge. Massive. Colossal. Gargantuan. Bigger than my pre-game meal. You get the picture. Playing their fourth game in six days, second in two nights and third against a team in the league's Top 5, the deck was stacked against the Jets in so many ways. And while they spent a good portion of the night waltzing while the Chicago Blackhawks were fox-trotting, in the end it was the once-lowly Jets slipping out of town with the two points in tow. The Jets finished a week in which they faced the NHL-leading Anaheim Ducks, second-place Hawks and fifth-place San Jose Sharks, with a 3-1 win over Chicago to collect their third victory in six days. Winnipeg is now 6-1 under new coach Paul Maurice and he was not hiding his pleasure following the win. "The week was huge and especially (Sunday) night. Listen, we got dominated in the first period. That's a tough grind to go to the West Coast and play three of the league's Top 5 teams and we showed it in the first period," said Maurice. "But that win right there was just a great sign of character. We held them in the second and then I've got a tired group at that point. They just played as hard and fast and loose, which we didn't in the first. Down one, why wouldn't we? I really can't say enough about that win."