If Rex Ryan’s fate was decided by popular vote of the players instead of the electoral college chaired by John Idzik and Woody Johnson, he would win in a landslide, a resounding mandate to bring him back. “I’m 100 percent confident that if it was up to the players, that he’d be back next year,” David Nelson told The Post. “I’m 100 percent confident that if the GM and the owner allowed player feedback, then there’d be a lot of guys that would go to bat for him, and speak on his behalf.” They would tell them the team is headed in the right direction. They would tell that he is more than a coach. “We don’t feel like Rex is leaving,” Sheldon Richardson said. “We don’t feel like he’s going anywhere no time soon.” But 6-8 and out of the playoffs for a third straight time seemingly has his job hanging in the balance. “People saw the upside, people saw the sparks,” Richardson said. “We didn’t pull out the wins like we wanted to, but we most definitely showed effort.” Would Idzik buy into that? “Idzik’s around every day, so I’m pretty sure they see the camaraderie between the players and the coaches,” Richardson said. What would you tell Idzik? “Rex should stay,” Richardson said, “it’s just that simple. This is Rex’s defense, this is Rex’s team. There’s nothing more to it.” He means that much to you? “I’d go through a bad season with a good coach than going through a good season with a bad coach any day,” Richardson said. Calvin Pace has enjoyed a renaissance under Ryan. “As a player, man, I truly believe Rex is The Guy for this team,” Pace said. “He’s the guy to lead this organization.” Is that a universal thought in this locker room? “Oh, no doubt,” Pace said. “Having played 11 years, I haven’t played for a guy who believes in everyone in this room. It’s just sad we just haven’t gotten it done these last couple of years for him. I don’t know if an endorsement from Calvin Pace helps out a lot but … he’s The Guy.” What makes him The Guy? “I don’t think many people envisioned us even winning six games,” Pace said. “I think the messages that he always installs in us, I think guys rally behind that … just schematically, I think what he does fits this conference. We’re a young team. We got a lot of guys who it’s their first year playing, second year. They need time, another year under their belt. I think he’s the guy, I think he’s the guy that just everybody rallies behind. But guys in this locker room have to do a better job of doing our part on the field.”