As the Jets take pause to rest during their bye weekend, this is a good time for their fans to reflect on the first 10 weeks and be realistic about what they have witnessed. It’s hardly been perfect — 4-6 through 10 games and on the outside looking in regarding the playoff race. But to be fair, this Jets team has given its fans more than most expected before the season began. The knee-jerk Jets fan was obsessed with tanking this season to assure the highest possible draft pick. The astute Jets fan looked at this season with hopes they would see young developing players who prove to be building blocks to a better tomorrow. The astute Jets fans, for the most part, have gotten what they wanted, while those in favor of the tank never failed to realize that tanking wasn’t going to be realistic. Not with a coach who, in theory, is coaching for his job in Todd Bowles, and not with a roster of young, hungry players who could not care less about where the team will draft in 2018. The Jets have been everything the Giants have not in that they’ve overachieved, they’ve been entertaining, and they’ve provided their fans hope for the future. Expectation is a funny thing. The Jets began this season with none while the Giants, fresh off an 11-5 playoff year, began this season with visions of making a legitimate run at winning their fifth Lombardi Trophy.